Barracuda is UVU’s current spam/virus firewall.

Barracuda can be accessed at Login with your UVID and password.

  • Using Barracuda

    • Logging In

      • To log in to Barracuda, visit the Spam Console and user your UVID and password when prompted.
    • Managing Your Quarantine Inbox

      • The Quarantine Inbox gives options that allow you to Deliver, Whitelist, or Delete messages.
      • Screenshot of Quarantine Inbox
      • You may select messages that you wish to have Delivered to your mailbox. These individual messages are delivered, but future messages from these senders will not necessarily always bypass the Quarantine Inbox.
      • You may select messages whose senders you wish to Whitelist. All messages from these senders will be automatically delivered to your mailbox in the future, whether or not they contain spam content.
      • You may select messages to Delete. These messages will not be delivered to your mailbox, but future messages from these senders may be delivered in the future. If you wish to ensure that messages from these senders are not delivered in the future, you may wish to add these senders to your Blocklist. See the Preferences section below.
    • Managing Your Preferences

      • The Preferences tab can be used to customize spam settings for your account. There are Whitelist/Blocklist settings, Quarantine Settings, and Spam Settings.
      • Screenshot of Preferences Tab
      • The Spam settings option gives you the option to turn off all spam filtering for your account. We strongly suggest you leave it turned on a lot of spam is blocked that is not included in your Quarantine.
      • The Quarantine Settings allow you to turn off your quarantine and select how often (Daily, Weekly, Never) the quarantine messages are sent to your mailbox. The messages are sent at 6 AM on the days you specify.
      • The Whitelist/Blocklist section is where you set the lists of addresses you always want delivered or blocked. When you use the Whitelist link from the Quarantine Summary message or the Quarantine Inbox, the address is automatically added to your whitelist. When you delete a message using the Delete link in the Quarantine Summary message or the Quarantine Inbox, the address is NOT added to your blocklist. You will need manually add any addresses to your blocklist. You can add single addresses (i.e. or entire domains by entering just the domain name (i.e.
  • Managing Your Quarantine Summary Messages

    • Around 6 am each morning, you may receive a message from the Barracuda Firewall titled "Spam Quarantine Summary". This message notifies you of any messages that may be in your quarantine which you will want to review. The diagram below shows a sample message and some specific actions you may take with each item in the spam quarantine.
    • Diagram of Barracuda Inbox with Instructions
    • Click Deliver, Whitelist, Delete, or View to have this action taken on each item. Upon clicking any of these options, a web browser will open your Quarantine Inbox to allow you to work with all of the messages in your quarantine, but the action you specified will be taken on the item you selected. The same options are available in the Quarantine Summary message and in the Quarantine Inbox.
  • Spam Management for Generic Accounts

    • Generic or department accounts must be managed with the generic account and password.  We cannot delegate access to other UVU accounts to manage generic accounts.
    • The owner of the generic account should have the password to the account. The generic account owner can request it by contacting the Service Desk at x8888 or sending an e-mail to