Getting Accounts

  • Generic Accounts

    • Departments or functional areas on campus may request a Generic email account in the Exchange system. Generic accounts allow the department or area to have an email address for the public that will remain static and isn't affected by employee turnover. Generic account requests can only be made by a UVU employee.
    • How to request a generic account

      • 1. Go to the Generic Account Request Tool.
        2. Log in with the requestor's UV ID and password.
        3. Complete the form with the Account Information.
        4. Click Submit Request.
        The generic account request will be approved by the CIO, Ray Walker, before it becomes active.
    • How to change the password

    • How to access a generic account

      • 1. Use Outlook Web Access to log in to the Generic account.
        2. Use the Delegate Tool to configure access for those who need full access to the Generic Account.
        • Once given access, the account will be an option on the left side of the Outlook window.
        • To open the generic account, click on the account name
    • Have Sent Items appear in the Delegated Account's Sent Items folder instead of the Delegate Sent Items Folder

      • • Login to OWA as the Delegated Account (for example the Generic Account, Director, President, etc)
      • • Click on Options in the upper right corner and select “See all options”.
      • • Click on Settings in the left pane.
      • • Click on the Sent Items icon in the upper pane
      • • In the drop box under the section “Messages sent as this mailbox will appear in the Sent Items folder of the:” select “From Mailbox”. If you want to have the messages show up in both the sender’s and the delegate’s Sent Items folder select “Sender and From mailboxes”
      • • This setting can also be set by the Exchange Admin if requested.
  • Courtesy Accounts

    • Courtesy accounts may be requested for individuals who are not employed by UVU but are affiliated with UVU and need an account to access the UVU network and the UVU email system. All courtesy accounts have 8 digits beginning with CA (e.g., CA009999). Courtesy account requests can only be made by a UVU employee who is the sponsor of the account
    • How to request a courtesy account

      • 1. Go to the Courtesy Account Request Tool.
        2. Log in with sponsor's UV ID and password
        3. Complete the form with the Account Information for the person needing the courtesy account
        4. Click Submit Request
        An email will be sent to the sponsor when the account has been created.
    • How to change the password