Personalize Your Account

  • Change Personal Information

    • Legal name and job title

      • To change your legal name or job title, contact Human Resources at 863-8207.
    • Preferred name and office location

      1. Go to the Office Location Information in myUVU
      2. Click on "Update My Information"
      3. When you have changed your Preferred First Name, Mail Stop, Building, and Room, click "Submit Changes."
      4. Log out or use myUVU as needed.
    • Telephone number

      • Your office extension is maintained by Telephone Services. If you need to have your phone number changed, contact Telephone Services at 863-8157.
  • Add Your Photo

    • 1. Go to the IDM Picture Tool.
      2. Log in with your UVID and password.
      3. Add your picture taken at Campus Connection.


      This tool is only available on campus or through a VPN connection.
  • Change Your Email Address

    • All email accounts are created as by default. We recommend you change your incoming and outgoing email address settings using our Email Address Utility:
      1. Go to the Email Address Utility.
      2. Log in to the utility using your UVID and password.
      3. Click the Change button to the right of the address you wish to change.
      4. Using the drop-down list, select the address you wish to use.
      5. Click Save Changes.
      6. When you are finished, click Logout.