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Gifts to the Library

Your gifts and involvement with UVU always make a difference in a student's life. Although UVU receives funding from the state of Utah, we depend on the generosity of donors to fund important educational priorities and provide resources for student learning and success. For more information on how you can support, please contact a library representative.

Librarians will review donated materials for addition to the collection in accordance with the Library Collection Development Protocol. The Library encourages donors, wherever possible, to submit a list of items offered which can be compared with materials currently in the collection and collection needs.

The following types of materials will not be included in the collection:

  • Materials excluded from acquisition by the Collection Development Guidelines
  • Out-of-date material not of historical value
  • A duplicate of items already in the collection unless usage warrants inclusion
  • Materials in poor physical condition which would not justify the expense of processing
  • VHS tapes.

The Library reserves the right to dispose of materials that are not added to the collection. The Library will determine the classification, housing, and circulation guidelines of all gift items, and no restrictions on usage may be made by the donor. A receipt letter will be furnished to the donor, but the Library will not be responsible for a monetary valuation statement for tax or other purposes.

Donation Form for Small Gifts-in-Kind (Under $5,000)

Donation Form for Large Gifts-in-Kind (Over $5,000)

For more information on donating to the University, please visit UVU Development.

Donating to the George Sutherland Archives

We are very grateful for gifts, and we will consider donations of materials that fit within our current collection guidelines, outlined above. However, because our scope is narrow, it is imperative that Archives’ staff first determine whether the items will become part of the collection. If you are interested in donating materials, PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST to discuss the items you wish to donate at 801.863.8821 or 801.863.8173.


Collection Scope of the George Sutherland Archives

The George Sutherland Archives focuses on building collections in the following areas:
  • The history of Utah Valley University
  • The secular history of local cities, particularly Orem, Lindon, Vineyard, and surrounding communities
  • Utah County history
  • General Utah history
  • American Deaf history and culture, particularly Utah

We focus on collecting the following types of items that fit within the stated collection guidelines (see above);

  • Photographs
  • Professional or personal manuscripts, publications, and papers of former administrators, faculty, staff, and notable alumni
  • Memorabilia
  • Oral histories
  • Student theses or other faculty-reviewed projects or other publications

Please note: We are not actively collecting rare books and other rare items that do not fit our scope.


Guidelines for Donating to the George Sutherland Archives

  • Contact the Archivists at the George Sutherland Archives first to discuss whether your donation fits within our collection scope (see above)
  • If you would like to use a donation for this year’s tax purposes:
    • We do not appraise materials
    • The deadline for arranging donations to the Archives is December 1 of each year
  • Do not drop off donations at the UVU Library Circulation Desks or Reference Desk. They cannot accept them on behalf of the Archives
  • Items must be delivered directly to the Archives staff in FL 302, and are subject to a 30 day assessment period to determine compliance with our collection policy (see above)
  • Donor’s current contact information is required with all donations
  • We reserve the right to refuse any donation and to dispose of any materials that are not added to the collection
  • Potential donors must also work with the UVU Foundation on all gift-in-kind donations

We also accept donations of digital items, or we can digitize items you wish to retain physically, for use in our Digital Collections. If you are interested in donating faculty projects or student theses, please fill out and send us a Digital Repository Donation Form. For all other digital items please contact us.

To participate in one of our oral history projects, please fill out our: 

Digital Repository Copyright Guidelines

The right to download or print any of the pages of the materials posted on the Digital Repository is granted by the copyright owner only for personal or classroom use. The author retains all proprietary rights, including copyright ownership. Any reproduction or editing by any means mechanical or electrical without the express written permission of the copyright owner is strictly prohibited. Please contact us for more information.

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Reference Desk: 801.863.8840
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