Year 1 L.E.A.D. Program Group Mentors


Adam Bailey

   Executive Vice President Sales at NorthStar

Simón Cantarero

   Corporate Counsel at LifeVantage

Spencer Childs

   Associate Director, Prospective Student Services      (UVU)

Ilens Dort

   • CEO - HumanEkdromi, Speaker, Coach, Trainer with The John Maxwell Team, Author

Darin Eckton

   Associate Professor - Student Leadership and Success Studies (UVU)

Dan Felts

   Counselor - Career Development Center (UVU), Adjunct Faculty (UVU)

Jay Fugal

   Director of Operations, Profire Energy


Todd Fugal

   • Contract Administrator, Profire Energy

Cassandra Fuimaono

   • Admissions Counselor - Outreach (UVU)

TJ Fund

   • General Counsel - OpenEdge

Shad Gale

   • Manager of Learning & Development at Clearlink

John Graham

   • Department of Defense Dependents School Teacher

Kelsie Lawrence

   • Admissions Counselor - High School Relations (UVU)

Cameron Martin

   • Vice President for University Relations (UVU)

Hayley Martin

   • Associate Deployment Manager - Google




Aaron McIntire

   • Realty Advantage, President and Broker

Ethan Medeiros

   • Senior Talent Acquisition Partner,

Danielle Norman

   • Project Accounting Manager, BioFire Diagnostics 

Alexis Palmer

   • Associate Vice President - Student Life, Dean of Students (UVU)

Nicole Robertson

   • Math Teacher - Alpine School District 

Shante Schroeder

   Director of Marketing & Communications, 97th Floor

Jason Terry

   • Admissions Counselor - Out of State


Program Overview

The LEAD Mentoring Program links role models from the local community with students participating in the LEAD Program. The program connects mentors who may be volunteers from business, industry, community organizations, and the UVU campus, with LEAD students.

Why Mentor?

The focus of the LEAD Mentoring Program is to support CAL students as they progress through the LEAD Program as well as their academic pursuits. Our goal is to assist students in their personal development and provide them with a network to encourage academic and social exploration.

LEAD Mentors are rewarded by sharing their knowledge and skills, helping others succeed, and supporting leadership development. All you need is a passion for student success and a willingness to spend a couple hours per month developing a relationship with students.

The LEAD Mentoring Program gives new students opportunities to have a successful first year in CAL and supports students through academic and social activities.

As a Yoruba (Nigeria, Togo, Benin) Proverb reads: "What you give is what you get, ten times over." 

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