What is a UVU Mentor?

UVU Mentors are student leaders at Utah Valley University who work with students and professors alike to achieve the following goals inside and outside of the classroom:

  1. Facilitate students' development of critical thinking, leadership, and study skills.
  2. Serve students, campus, and the community with increased self-awareness.
  3. Connect students to campus resources, aid in student success, and increase student retention.

UVU Mentors develop personal leadership and mentoring skills as they work with instructors and students in University Student Success and Developmental Math classes. For their efforts each semester, each full-time mentor is awarded a half-tuition scholarship. For more information about UVU Mentor scholarships, see the points below:

  • To accommodate the needs of a growing program, scholarships that are awarded to each mentor are limited to half in-state tuition waivers.
  • Any mentor who receives a scholarship from another source will receive a $400 cash award to be used for books and fees.

UVU Mentors model self-awareness, critical thinking, and commitment to rigorous academic standards. They refine and perfect their leadership skills by serving in leadership positions on campus, in the UVU Mentor program, and in the classroom. UVU Mentors collaborate with and support their instructors while also aiding in the planning and facilitation of their classes. UVU Mentors actively and enthusiastically participate in class while also providing group and individual mentoring opportunities to their students. UVU Mentors are examples of successful students at Utah Valley University.


The mission of the UVU Mentor Program is to maximize student opportunities for leadership in and facilitation of the following:

  1. Self-Knowledge and Self-Awareness
  2. Academic Learning Strategies and Study Skills
  3. Student Socialization and Engagement

Two UVU Mentors talking

UVU Mentor Motto

"Students Helping Students"

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