How do I become a UVU Mentor?

  1. Complete University Student Success (SLSS 1000) with a B- (2.7) grade or above.
  2. Complete Leadership Mentoring I (SLSS 2200) with a B- (2.7) grade or above.
  • One section of SLSS 2200 is offered during the Fall Semester and multiple sections are offered during the Spring Semester.
  1. Apply to become a UVU Mentor in the Spring.
  • The application process consists of submitting a resume, statement of intent, and an interview process. The interview process is held in April and involves individual and group interviews.
  • More detailed information about applying for the program is given to students while they are enrolled in SLSS 2200.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the UVU Mentor Coordinator at 801-863-5436 or via email at