What is required if I am selected as a UVU Mentor?

Below is a list of what is required of UVU Mentors. These requirements are established to ensure the lasting success of the UVU Mentor Program.

1. Be an Example of a Successful Student

UVU Mentors are expected to review the topics in their textbook for their assigned class so that the may demonstrate the value of the topics to their students through example and facilitation. Read it, know it, live it!

2. Participate in Summer Team Building Activities

Each summer the mentors participate in team-building activities. Each year, UVU Mentor Boot Camp is held at the end of Spring Semester. This activity provides opportunities for mentors to work together to complete challenging tasks. Additionally, in August, the UVU Mentor Program spends three to five days involved in a Service Expedition. The last few Service Expeditions have been spent at Flaming Gorge performing service as well as rafting down the Green River.

3. Assist with Freshman Orientations

A UVU Mentor's purpose is to help students make the transition to college. Mentors begin their mentoring experience helping new students at UVU by introducing the students to the UVU Mentor Program and the Student Leadership and Success Studies (SLSS) courses.

4. Attend Assigned Mentoring Class

Each mentor is assigned to a section of a University Student Success or Developmental Math course. The Mentor is expected to attend the class every day and to support the teacher in his or her classroom activities and discussions.

5. Meet Weekly with Instructor

Each mentor must set up a weekly meeting time with his or her assigned instructor.

6. Complete 10 Mentoring Hours per Week

Each mentor must track the hours he or she spends helping students inside and outside of class. The time he or she spends in SLSS 240R, SLSS 2300, SLSS 1000, and in weekly instructor meetings counts towards the mentor's weekly total hours.

7. Participate in Selected Campus Activities

A mentor is responsible for helping students to connect to the campus community. Mentors should inform students of all activities on campus. However, the program only selects two or three campus activities to support each semester. All mentors are expected to attend these selected activities and invite their students to attend them as well.

8. Attend Weekly UVU Mentor Classes and Meetings

Each week, all UVU Mentors meet during SLSS 240R to discuss upcoming activities and to cover necessary training issues with program administrators and team leaders. Mentors serve each other, the students, and UVU as they work on one of five teams within the program.

9. Limit Outside Employment to 20 Hours per Week

Previously, students who have worked more that 20 hours per week have not been able to meet the demands of a full-time class load and the requirements of the mentoring program.

10. Be Recognized as a Leader on Campus

UVU Mentors are crucial to the success of the Student Leadership and Success Studies courses. The responsibilities and requirements listed above should not be taken lightly.